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Reoperative Facelift

Dr. Stuzin Facility PhotosMany of the patients present to the practice of Dr. James M. Stuzin have had a previous face lift in the past, usually performed by another surgeon. A reoperative face lift is a much different procedure than a primary face lift in that the surgeon has to deal with and understand the changes in internal facial anatomy which is can be distorted by internal scarring, as well as improve incisions and the appearance of hairline which have been altered by the original procedure.

Reoperative face lifting often requires greater precision to be able to redo the internal muscle work which restores facial shape. A great deal of the procedures is also spent in removing any telltale signs left from the first face lift that the patient has previously undergone a surgical procedure.

Most of the patients presenting for a second face lift are older, but if the secondary procedure is performed precisely, usually a more limited technique is all that is required to improve facial appearance. Typically, the recovery in our reoperative face lifts is no longer than in primary procedures and patients can return to both their social life, as well as return to work within two weeks.

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