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Dr. Stuzin Facility PhotosDr. James M. Stuzin is known for producing natural-appearing, refreshed results in his surgery without the tell-tale signs that patients have undergone any type of surgical procedure. Even dramatic changes in facial appearance can appear soft and subtle if the face lift is correctly performed. Facial aging is a complex process. Each patient ages differently, and the key to successful facial rejuvenation is to understand the anatomic and aesthetic changes which have occurred for a particular patient, and formulate a treatment plan which is patient specific. Individualizing the treatment plan allows Dr. Stuzin to enhance your appearance while minimizing signs that a surgical procedure has been performed.

Facial aging involves both skin texture changes and the descent of facial fat which accounts for the change in facial shape from youth to middle-age. The main goal in face lifting is to restore facial shape to a contour exhibited during their youth, such that our patients appear both more youthful and beautiful, while continuing to look like themselves. To help Dr. Stuzin formulate a treatment plan for a particular patient, we ask our patients to bring pictures of themselves taken during their youth, so that we can accurately understand the aesthetic changes which occurred for an individual patient.

A face lift is performed through concealed access incisions which are contoured around the ear. We utilize incisions that extend into the ear (intratragal) and behind the ear into the hairline. These access incisions allow exposure of the deeper facial soft tissues so that descended facial fat may be repositioned to the position of youth.

The key to a non-surgical appearing face lift is avoid skin tension, but as an alternative to skin tension to reconstruct the internal anatomy beneath the skin, shaping the face through the repositioning of the deeper soft tissues and muscles. The technical term of the method utilized by Dr. Stuzin is the extended SMAS technique, which is a procedure that was pioneered by Dr. Stuzin and his former partner, Dr. Thomas Baker. This method of tightening the deeper soft tissues and muscles has become one of the cornerstones of techniques in face lifting and is utilized by surgeons throughout the world.

Improvements in the neck are obtained by contouring the sagging muscle of the neck (platysmaplasty), as well as removal of excess neck fat. The loose neck is tightened through a small incision under the chin which allows accurate correction of the laxity and banding noted in the aging neck, providing for a sculptured jawline and greater longevity in result.

While excess skin is removed at the time of face lift, strong skin tension is not utilized in Dr. Stuzin’s technique. Much of the unnatural results which can occur following a face lift is secondary to the use of strong vertical skin tension, in place of deep layer contouring, which imparts a tight, harsh appearance to the face. These factors can be avoided in the technique utilized by Dr. Stuzin, as the restoration of shape is obtained through the manipulation of the deeper facial soft tissues.

Minimizing skin tension also provides greater control in terms of producing consistent, imperceptible scars and no change in the appearance of the hairline or earlobes.

Surgery and Recovery

A face lift is performed in our office on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia with sedation. An anesthesiologist will be there for the entire procedure to ensure patient comfort and safety. Because high quality work requires time and attention to detail, Dr. Stuzin only performs one face lift a day. The surgical time for a face lift is typically between 4 and 4½ hours, with much of the time in surgery focused on the numerous details required to produce imperceptible scars and natural appearing results.

Following the surgery, our patients awaken in our recovery facility and, when awake, are taken by our nursing staff to the Ritz-Carleton Hotel in Coconut Grove. Most face lift patients stay at the Ritz-Carleton for 48 hours postoperatively. Dr. Stuzin typically sees his face lift patients for the first 5 to 7 days following the surgery to ensure uneventful healing, including weekends and holidays.

Sutures are removed between seven and ten days postoperatively. Patients can apply makeup when their sutures are removed. Most of our patients are able to return to work two weeks postoperatively, although the healing period can vary from patient to patient. Most patients may return to their exercise routine beginning 2 weeks postoperatively.

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