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Eyelid Surgery & Brow Lift

The appearance of the aged upper and lower eyelid varies from patient to patient, and the goal in cosmetic eyelid surgery is to restore shape of the upper and lower eyelid. The presence of a drooping brow may require repositioning to improve the appearance of the upper eyelid and also allow smoothening of the forehead.

To sharpen the upper eyelid crease, skin resection is performed to remove the redundancy of eyelid skin that typically occurs with age. Often a small amount of bulging fat from the upper eyelid is removed.

The aging lower eyelid typically involves bagging from excess lower eyelid fat. This fat is removed through a hidden incision from inside the lower eyelid (transconjunctival approach). A small incision placed underneath the lower lid eyelashes is utilized to remove excess skin and wrinkling of the lower lid. To prevent a change in lower lid shape, we commonly place an internal suture (canthopexy) in the corner of the lower lid to prevent lower lid retraction, preserving the almond shape of the eye.

In patients with low, hooded eyebrows, Dr. Stuzin performs an endoscopic brow lift through small incisions (less than one inch) in the hairline. The surgery is performed with the use of an endoscopic camera. These small access incisions are well hidden and usually produce imperceptible scars. In this procedure, the eyebrow is elevated, and the arch of the brow accentuated.

Troublesome wrinkles between the eyebrows (a common area for Botox injections) can be alleviated during the brow lift procedure by removing the muscle which causes patients to scowl, producing a smoother-appearing, unwrinkled forehead.

Surgery and Recovery

Blepharoplasty and endoscopic brow lift are performed on an out-patient basis under local anesthesia with sedation. Between 2 and 2½ hours are required to perform these procedures. Patients have a choice of either returning home when they have recovered from the anesthesia or going to the Ritz-Carleton overnight where our nursing staff will administer postoperative care. Patients are checked the next day by Dr. Stuzin. Typically, patients following upper and lower eyelid surgery and endoscopic brow lift return to work within 7 to 10 days. All sutures are removed in 7 days.

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